Yogalehrerin Aleka


Aleka is a yoga and meditation teacher for children, teens and adults. She was introduced to yoga more than two decades ago and through her years of practice, came to a profound understanding of the deep body-mind-soul connection. This journey was preparing her for the catalysts that would change her path forever.
In the last decade she became a dedicated student of Kundalini Yoga with the support and guidance of her teacher Gurmukh Khalsa, who planted a seed in her heart. When the soil was ready Aleka heeded the call to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Although it looked impossible initially the flower started to grow and take shape. Today she is a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) Level One teacher and is on her way to conclude her Level 2 with Shiv Charan Singh.
Yoga for all has become Aleka’s mission. Everyone needs the tools that yoga and meditation practices offer, elevating our awareness and strengthening all the body systems. Aleka is currently leading group classes, private classes, online and face-to-face workshops for children, teens and adults and retreats worldwide.

Aleka teaches Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga in english.